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How to Be in Total Control of Websites Using SSI

Server Side Includes

SSI, short for Server Side Includes, is the most effective and easiest way to manage large websites. The biggest webmasters are using it, you can too. Start now! Don't waste anymore time! Have full control of your websites! Click here to make this site your home page!


This website is dedicated to all webmasters of the world

On these pages you will find information on what SSI, Server Side Includes, is all about. Why every webmaster should consider using Server Side Includes. Why every webmaster should consider buying Server Side Includes ebook. How every webmaster can profit from selling Server Side Includes ebook.

Managing websites larger than 20 pages can come to the expense of devoting a lot of time, mainly when websites exceed 50 pages. Now, thanks to an incredible technology that was much left in the dark, called Server Side Includes, webmasters can stop wasting so much time as their websites grow or need upgrading. Server Side Includes is particularly helpful when information is repeated from page to page, such as the navigational system, the header and footer of every page, advertising banners, advertising buttons, scrolling messages, javascripts, etc., etc.

Once Server Side Includes is integrated on a website, it is a breeze to make updates and save an enormous amount of time. Instead this time can be devoted to the content and development of a website rather than simple updates or expansion of a navigational bar or any other information that is repeated globally throughout a website.

What SSI can do: Server Side Includes can globally manage javascripts such as the scrolling message shown on top of this page, the scrolling message at the bottom of your browser on this website, and others off course, the javascript that makes our logo follow your cursor - it could be a message instead as well, etc., etc.

SSI Compatibility: Server Side Includes can also be integrated with CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, another great technology that allows you to change globally the fonts color, size and type, the links colors, size, rollover features, the scrolling bar colors seen on every one of these pages, etc., etc. A whole chapter of the Server Side Includes ebook is dedicated to the basics of CSS and a free CSS editor software is offered along.

Requirements: What is really incredible about SSI, is that there are no other software to be used rather than what any webmaster is usually using as a website editor and a text editor!!! The only difference between regular HTML pages is that the SSI pages have to be saved as .shtml

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